CASO Germany 11320 SmartVac 20 Hand-Held Vacuum Sealer Review


CASO Germany 11320 SmartVac 20 Hand-Held Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealer is a machine that removes air from the package before it is sealed. It is usually used to pack food items to avoid them from getting contaminated and increases their shelf life. It works by reducing the atmospheric oxygen in the package which limits the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi. It can also be used for packaging other stuff like clothes, paper etc. where it largely reduces the bulk of it. CASO Germany 11320 SmartVac 20 Hand-Held Vacuum Sealer Review given below will help you know more about the product so that if you considering buying this, it will allow you to make a better decision.

Review on CASO Germany 11320 SmartVac 20 Hand-Held Vacuum Sealer

CASO Germany 11320 SmartVac 20 Hand-Held Vacuum Sealer comes with 5 small zip bags, 5 large zip bags, two wine stoppers and a charging station. It supports NiMH (nickel metal hydride)-rechargeable battery in charging station. It is powered by pump volume of 9L/minute and max. -0.75bar of pressure. Extremely useful and equally easily portable due to cordless design, this is a ready to use whenever and wherever you need it. Not only does it increases the shelf life of your food items, but also works long enough to keep you from spending on preservation of food for at least years. With trust of CASO, you are bound to love working of this device.

Small and Easy to handle

This device is very small and too easy to handle. Available in quite affordable price, this device is easily portable. It comes with extremely convenient charging system and lasts quite good amount of time after charging. It vacuums well without losing power. The bags are reusable. The hand-held and cordless property of the device is extremely appealing and makes it convenient to use.

Easy to Use

CASO Germany 11320 SmartVac 20 Hand-Held Vacuum Sealer is convenient to use. Due to its compact size and great shape, it can be easily hand-held. The cordless design is another plus for the product. It allows you to move the device wherever you want without getting into hassle of wires. The users are very happy with the device as the bags that come with it are freezer and microwave safe. However, the bags could be little bigger as these are not very easy to wash.

High Performance

The effectiveness of this device depends on the food or other item that you want to seal. It is said to be far better than other sealers available in the market. It is great at vacuuming the pack, but the only issue is with sealing the pack. Any moisture on the seal can prevent good sealing.

Therefore, though it can be used for any kind of food item, it is said to be best for sealing the dry foods. CASO Germany 11320 SmartVac 20 Hand-Held Vacuum Sealer Review written here is the one that you can trust as it takes into account the views of users who have actually used the product.

Some of the negative factors:

  • Sealing bags are small size
  • Good for dry foods


CASO Germany 11320 SmartVac 20 Hand-Held Vacuum Sealer comes with 2-year warranty of the product. The sealer is a lasting device and surely saves your hard earned money over a long run. Make sure you buy bags in bulk to be able to use the device for long. The device also comes with a wine stopper that allows you to preserve your wine over longer period of time. It keeps the food fresh up to seven times longer than the normal storage.

8.3Overall Score
Review Overview

CASO is houseware electric brand that offers world class technology blended with the ease of use. This vacuum sealer is an example of the state-of-the-art technology that CASO uses to manufacture its products. For more information on prices and shipping terms, please CLICK HERE!


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