FoodSaver V3860 2-Speed Vacuum Sealer Review


Comes in an attractive design, FoodSaver V3860 is an upright food vacuum sealer that comes with nice features. The upgrades provided enhanced the overall quality of the unit and user experience. It may look like it’s just a regular food sealer but it’s not. It does a great deal and more.

FoodSaver V3860 2-Speed Vacuum Sealer Review

It’s capable of marinating meat and fish. Plus, it can help pack up your food for portion control. The value of this unit must never be underestimated as it can effectively lock in freshness, thereby, allowing you to save money by purchasing in bulk.

With this unit, larger items can be sealed up, even larger items that are not meant for the kitchen. But, in order to make sure that the bag won’t leak or break, you should consider using a heavy-duty heat seal bags.

It’s also best to use a waterproof seal bags to lock liquids with this unit. In this way, you won’t have to worry about leaks and drips.

Because it’s compact in size, it can be easily placed on your kitchen counter, when it’s not in use. It has all the features that you need for either basic or advanced bag packing needs.

Features of FoodSaver V3860 2-Speed Vacuum Sealer

The SmartSeal technology of this unit makes it a hands-free operation. This means that you only need to insert or place the bag with the food items to be preserved in the unit and the machine will automatically seal it.

This technology also allows you to prepare meals for you and your family in advance. It makes it possible for your home-cooked meals to be just within your children’s reach. They’ll be as fresh as the day you’ve made them.

Two Sealing Levels

This type of setting allows you to easily seal moist and dry foods. It’s difficult to prepare your meals every day, especially when you have a very busy schedule. This is where this unit come in. it offers the convenience of letting you seal by meal, rather than by item. For instance, you can seal veggies, side dishes and meat in the same container. The meal that you’ve preserved can be easily tossed in the microwave oven (provided you’re using a microwaveable-safe bag) to heat up the food in a few minutes.

Extra-Wide Sealing Strip

It doesn’t only allow sealing of wider heat-seal bags but it also lets you get the strongest seal. In this way, you can be sure that the food items in the bag will be safe. This is surely a convenient way to prepare one big meal and save for later. For example, you can prepare macaroni and cheese or big chunks of meat in advance for slow cooking. And if you need to eat them, simply take them out and slow cook it.

Two Modes

In addition to having two sealing levels, this unit also comes with two modes – marinate and canister modes. The former lets you marinate food in a few minutes, rather than hours. If you like to grill, say a thick rack of ribs, you need to marinate it first before grilling it. Unfortunately, the traditional way of seasoning meat can take one to five hours for the seasonings to get into the meat.

But not with this unit. When you use it, the thick rack of ribs you want to grill will be marinated within a few minutes.

And if you like preserving food items in a canister, you can, too, through the canister-mode of V3860.

The Bad

It’s an automatic sealer, which may cause some issues to some. This is especially true if you prefer manual operation.


Nevertheless, the features make this machine an easy way to preserve any type of foods. As an added perk, it comes with a professional look when it sits on your kitchen counter. This is a good selection for an easy-to-operate food vacuum sealer.

8.3Overall Score
Product Rating


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