How chamber style vacuum sealer work?


Chamber style vacuum sealers are pretty large and expensive and they have been replaced in home use but a lot cheaper and smaller cousin a external vacuum sealer. But even nowadays they are pretty popular because it still offers a stronger suction power than the smaller ones.

One of the advantages of Chamber style vacuum sealers is that they can quickly seal multiple bags as the same time. This is a great benefit if you are running a restaurant or any type of business that is food related. Another advantage is that external vacuum sealers most of the time, suck out the liquids out while in chamber vacuum sealers most of the time that stay put.

How chamber style vacuum sealer work?

After you place the food in the bag into a sous wide bag fold the top of the bag. By folding the bag on the top you make it clean and clear where the top and where the bottom is. Some people are avoiding this claiming that this makes plastic bag to brake and the possibility for air to come in. But in reality this is not what happens and most of the business are still doing this practice.

After you have done that, place the bag into the vacuum sealer, you need to make sure that the bag sticks out of the chamber if that happens there is no possibility for air to get out as the pressure around will be pretty strong. But be carefully if the pressure is too big it can happen that the bag bursts and makes a pretty big mess for you.

Once you do that and turn on the vacuum sealing process it will proceed to suck all the air out of the bag. Chamber style vacuum sealers are able to get over 99% of the air out. It depends on what foods are you selling but to get to 99% you will be using vacuum sealer at 5 millibars. If on the other hand you are storing and sealing fragile foods you need to be using somewhere between 200 and 500 millibars. So that the bag contracts and puffs, this will leave the food inside undamaged.

At the end bag needs to be sealed correctly so that process can finish. The bar needs to be sealed closed at the end so that air doesn’t rush back into the bag. This is the most important step if air returns to the bag you will have a problem where you haven’t sealed the bag correctly and you will have to do it again.

Here we explained a few simple steps on how chamber style vacuum sealer work. This is not a science but it still needs to be done correctly so that it has a proper result at the end. Once again chamber style vacuum sealers are used mostly for business purposes if you want a vacuum sealer for personal use get more information on external vacuum sealers.

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