How to buy the best Clamp Styled Vacuum Sealer


Clamp style vacuum sealers belong to external vacuum sealer group. They are the most popular vacuum sealer type mostly because they are the cheapest to buy on the market. Clamp styled vacuum sealers rely on special bags and textures so that they can create an effective vacuum and suck all the air out. Clamp style vacuum sealers are widely popular and used by home users.

What to look for and how to buy the best clamp styed vacuum sealer you can see below.

You need to look for vacuum cycle – how the vacuum sealer works is that it sucks the air out until the certain pressure is reached inside the bag. So you want to look for a machine that offers two different settings of vacuum cycle, one for dry and second for liquid foods.

The second thing that you need to look for is what type of bags will be using. Some vacuum sealers can only use one kind of texture bags while the others have an option to use variety of bags.

Seal cycle term is used, for more frequent use of vacuum sealer. Meaning what? That means that some clamp styled vacuum sealers have a shorter seal cycle which means that after you finish a batch you will have to wait for appliance to cool down so you can continue. If you do not do that, and the appliance is constantly being used it can lead to improper sealing and your food will not have the same life cycle. So when you decide to get a clamped style vacuum sealer look for one with a longer seal cycle.

Features and options of Clamp styled Vacuum sealer

  • Dip tray – when you are trying to seal a liquid foods like soup and sauces, machine can sometime suck some of the liquids inside and even though the dip tray can’t stop the process it can definitely make easier for you to clean it afterwards.
  • More vacuum options – Some of the more expensive clamp style vacuum sealers offer more options like vacuum power and seal time options. This can come in handy with certain foods. Because not all the foods need the same suction power.
  • External hose – Some vacuum sealers come with a hose – this is the option that only the pricier model will have. In short you will be able to connect the hose to the machine and use it to vacuum seal canisters, jars and bottles.

Always make sure to know what you will need to vacuum seal before you get one. After you get the cheap version you won’t be able to add some options for vacuum sealing jars and containers and you might need it. So before that it’s always best to purchase the one that has the option for you to add it later. Even though it costs a little more but it’s definitely worth the money. Especially when all the models with more options are better quality made and energy efficient plus most of them will come with longer warranty.

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