How to Find the Right Chamber Type Vacuum Sealer


Chamber-type vacuum sealer is usually large and relatively expensive. However, it does an excellent job in quickly sealing food and removing air from plastic packaging. Because of its power, this is mostly used by restaurant staff, butchers or farmers.

The overall cost of this type of sealer starts at around $500 up to $2,500. The best thing about this unit is that it doesn’t need to cool down after every seal. It’s unlike an external machine, chamber-type sealer lets you continuously pack foods without pausing.

Unfortunately, not all units are the same. There are models that offer exceptional quality while others don’t. So, before you head out and purchase your own chamber-type sealer, here are some important things you must consider when finding the right chamber-type food vacuum sealer.

Heating Bar

To ensure the machine has solid air suction, the unit must have a vacuum pressure of 28Hg. If you go for a cheaper unit, you might not like how it sucks air. It doesn’t have enough strength to properly seal the bag.

The quality of a bar is an important consideration. However, you must also pay attention to how you put the bag in the sealer. People are complaining about having some air left in their bags right after sealing. What they don’t realize is that they didn’t actually place the bag into the heat sealing bar properly.

So, choose a sealer that goes with first-rate heating bar which is covered with a silicon frame, and not a foam.

Portability vs Durability

Chamber-type vacuum sealer may be big but there are units that will let you take it with you when you’re on vacation. It can be difficult to find a durable sealer that offers better portability characteristic. The reason for this is that the more durable the unit is, the heavier and less portable it is.

Thus, if you want a chamber-type sealer that you can bring wherever you go, then you should consider first its portability and second its durability.

A vacuum sealer that’s as big as a small dishwasher can be difficult to handle. However, it can pack a variety of food in bulk. With it, you won’t have issues with its functionalities. Plus, it lets you seal liquids, dry/moisture food, and delicate items without crushing them.

Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s the one that meets your requirements. And to make sure that the model is durable enough, you should opt for a unit with well-designed stainless steel frame. Ensure also that it doesn’t have any type of plastic components as they can easily break.

Extra Features

Most reliable chamber-type vacuum sealers integrate manual and automatic operations. They can be more expensive. However, they allow you to manually adjust its sealing capacity to avoid crushing the items.

It’s also great if the unit comes with some extra settings, like adjustable strength and speed, rapid marinate mode, and LED indicators. They’re just extras but they can be essential to some. If you’re going to marinate meat almost every day, then opt for a unit that includes a rapid marinate mode. If you’re a beginner in food sealing, then having LED indicators will tell you about the progress of the sealing process.

You may also need external hoses to vacuum-seal canisters and jars.


Unfortunately, most models only come with a one-year warranty. But there are units that offer up to 3 years of warranty.

But don’t focus on it. Instead, look into the maintenance costs that you might be facing in the long run. Most of the time, cheaper units usually entail expensive maintenance cost as they require changing in their spares. Then, they may require you to use more bags so you’ll surely end up spending a lot of your money on the bags.


Allow our guide to help you out in finding the right chamber-type vacuum sealer. Read our reviews to get an in-depth information about the sealer you wish to have. The above mentioned tips are just suggestions but they can significantly help you in purchasing an excellent machine that truly meets your needs.

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