How to make healthier pop-ice popsicles with a vacuum sealer


All you need for making a pop-ice popsicles is:

  • Juice or popsicle recipe
  • Vacuum seal bags
  • Scissors
  • Straws
  • Vacuum sealer
  • Freezer
  • Color for food (if you want)

The list is not that big and everything you need is easily accessible. And now there are instructions how to make it at your home. In a few easy steps shown and explained below you can make your own popsicles at home without almost any effort.

  1. Make a juice or Popsicle recipe. You can make a juice from everything you want. Whether it is an apple juice or juice made from pineapple, you can easy tint it (but only if you want to put a food color in it). You can also use a yogurt mixtures or recipes which contain alcohol. It is up to you and your taste and what you like.
  1. Make a special sealed section in each bag. You need to run the bag under the vacuum sealer lid and pull it until it seals. You can make the size of the pop-ice popsicles, to be whatever you like.
  1. Cut off the top of the bags. Cut the side of the bag, in order to fill liquid in the tubes. You need to cut it so you leave the space, so the tubes can hold the liquid properly.
  1. Use straws. Straws are for holding each bag open. This allows you to drink the liquid. After you pour the liquid inside the bag put one straw in each bag hole for easy access.
  1. If you want, add food coloring. Color for food gives an interesting look to the popsicles. In each straw put one drop of food coloring, and if it stays on the top of the straw, just blow down in it and it will drop down.
  1. Pour the mixture. With a pitcher pour the liquid outside of the straw. This will pour down your mixture, so your tube will be full. If your mixture is thicker, use a turkey baster, and it will suck up the liquid.
  1. Re-seal the top. You need to pull the corners of previously created tubes inside and bend it over by 90 degrees. Now you will not have to worry about spilling the liquid all over your vacuum sealer.
  1. Put it in freezer and wait. When it properly frizzed you can take it out and go crazy. Be sure to place it flat in your freezer.


8 easy steps for making your own home made pop-ice popsicles have never been easier. Get the ingredients needed above and with your own home vacuum sealer make magic. In just a few hours you will be able to enjoy your own popsicles. You can now make them for your whole family very easy. The last 9th step is enjoy in what you made and give your family a treat for a cheap investment that you will make on this you will be able to enjoy for the whole week.

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