Review on Cuisinart VS-100 Vacuum Sealer, Black


Cuisinart VS-100 Vacuum Sealer, Black

Overall impression

The modern world is now following behind the developing technology in every aspect of life. Everyone needs products and appliances that can reduce their work burden and stress. One of the newly designed vacuum sealers introduced in the market have attracted the home maker’s attention, and even chefs feel more efficient using them. To know more about the Cuisinart VS-100 vacuum sealer please go through this review.

The review

The Cuisinart VS-100 vacuum sealer, black reviews are provided here to familiarize the product by analyzing its various pros and cons! Many reviews have identified it as a perfectly designed compact product, pretty colored modern appliance produced by Cuisinart. It is an awesome sealer that can keep your food fresh and healthy for long hours. It is designed with an easy locking system that enables anyone to preserve the delicate food items and even fruits.

The sealer is a stainless product, provided in shiny black color. The color makes the sealer look aesthetically elegant and catchy. Since it is compact and weighs low, it is easy to carry and fits in small space.

The electronic circuit and electrical systems are designed to meet North American Electrical Standards, and hence it could be straight away used in Canada and The USA without any modifications.

Characteristics and Specs

It is designed with 3 different buttons that help the user to preserve their food items accordingly. The first touch lock system can be used to seal the flavor and freshness of your food for long, long hours. The next button is to vacuum the air and seal the food inside, and the last one is only to close the tin or the container.

The vacuum sealer is a beautifully designed modern compact sealer that is featured with an accessory port vacuum hose and integrated drip tray on the back side of the sealer along with bag cutter. Also, the design includes extra-wide sealing strip stainless steel accents.

You can use the accessory port vacuum hose and integrated drip tray to suck the liquid in the food that may spoil it. You may also use the roll bags that come along with the vacuum sealer to seal your food depending on their size and capacity. It is imperative to read Cuisinart VS-100 vacuum sealer, black reviews to have more critical understanding about the product.

Favorite details

You can even preserve freshly bought meat, fish, fruits and vegetables in the rolls bags of your desirable size and put them in the sealer for later use. These sealers are of great use for large families who buy large quantities of groceries.

Since the sealer comes with roll bags, it makes one to preserve food fresh and healthy. The roll bags are vacuumed that is it is free from air and moisture this prevents the mixing of air with the food item that may lead to food spoiling.

Potential issues

The only issue about the sealer is that the power cord size is very small. The small power cord may make you feel difficult to use while the electricity is away.


Modern appliances introduced in the market seem to be a gift to working people and parents who have small kids. The food you prepare can be preserved for long hours without losing its freshness and taste. The sealing is done with the help of the air vacuum food bags which keeps the original flavors intact for a quite long period.

8.3Overall Score
Product Rating

The Cuisinart VS-100 vacuum sealer, black is a reliable product from the makers of Cuisinart the most popular producers of home appliances.


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