Review on the Seal-a-Meal FSSMSL0160-000 Vacuum Sealer


Seal-a-Meal Vacuum Sealer

Overall impression

The Seal-a-Meal FSSMSL0160-000 vacuum sealer is extremely lightweight and helps you store food easily. Since it does not occupy a lot of space, you can easily keep it on your kitchen counter. Most of the sealing machines take up a lot of space in the kitchen which can be very annoying when you want to place other things.

Review on Seal-a-Meal FSSMSL0160-000 Vacuum Sealer

The Seal-a-Meal sealer makes your food storage process simple and protective. This is a compact, sleek, and cleverly designed product that requires less space in your kitchen but makes your kitchen look modernized. This sealer is designed with many useful features that help an amateur cook handle them easily.

You may be living in a large family where you may need to buy groceries in bulk and preserving them may be really a difficult task. This is where you can make use the sealers that come with bag rolls that can be used to seal the food items like meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. The sealing process takes less time and space in the refrigerator.

The vacuum sealer is provided with handy indicator lights and open/cancel button that helps you to know whether the air in the bag is completely removed or not. As you vacuum the bag, the food you keep is free from moist and air. So food does not get spoilt even when kept for long hours out of your refrigerator.

The removable drip tray is another feature that can be used to remove the water from your food item smoothly and effortlessly. The drip tray catches overflow liquids and can go into the dishwasher making your kitchen clean and tidy. Reading independent Seal-a-Meal FSSMSL0160-000 vacuum sealer reviews will help you understand the product from a close angle.

Characteristics and Specs

  • The sealer is featured with patented removable drip tray that is handy to use while sealing food items which contains more liquid.
  • The sealer is designed in such a way that fits 8-inch, 11-inch space, and the machine comes with quart and gallon heat seals bags and rolls used for sealing.
  • The compact design makes it unique, space efficient, and easy to carry.

Favorite details

In Seal-a-Meal FSSMSL0160-000 vacuum sealer reviews some of the most favorite product details are introduced.

The sealing machine helps you seal all food items without the need to have spills. Supposing you notice that there is a lot of liquid when you are sealing, then you can remove it and place it in the dishwasher. The sealer bar is securely mounted, and it is extremely strong which makes sure that your body is safe.

It is also capable of sealing without having any vacuum present inside. You will find that it does not have separate functions for a partial vacuum. The sealer is further equipped with a light indicator; that is activated in hands-free mode and turn off by itself to denote the sealing job is done.

Since it is automatic, there is nothing to worry about sealing and its maneuverings. You can save money by buying foods in large quantities when you are a working professional and storing them using this sealing machine. As it is a professional looking appliance, you will appreciate the fact that it improves the looks of your kitchen.

Potential issues

  • The connecting electrical cord is too short which can prevent free movement.
  • Food item with more water content is difficult to seal
8.3Overall Score
Product Rating

You certainly do not want to get your eatables wasted inside the zipper bag that is not in this case when you use the Seal-a-Meal vacuum sealer. This is a cleverly designed product allowing the kitchen work a hassle-free experience. The press, hold and release system of the sealer is one of the friendliest operation features among vacuum sealers.


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