Should I Vacuum Package Food at Home?


You definitely need to do this, simply because you will save a lot of money for you and your family. You will thank yourself for a long time if you make this decision. You will eat healthier and have much more quality time to spend with your family and friends.

Vacuum Sealers are at the moment probably one of the most popular electric appliances that you can own, simply because it really makes a difference on your wallet and your time.

So if you came here interested if you should vacuum package food at home you will find more answers below.

Basically it all depends on various things, if you only want to vacuum package and store the food on your shelves than you should think twice. All vacuum sealed perishable foods need to be stored in fridge and cold spaces. Even though you have extracted all the air out, some foods have maximum allowed temperature that they can survive on. Vacuum packaging appliances are pretty big and they are not the substitute for a refrigerator in any way. Plus you will have to worry about the place where you need to place it. Unless your goal is to professionally package and sell foods this should not be your choice.

Vacuum package machines are mostly used for professional purposes not for home use, you have a much better choice when it comes to vacuum packaging your food and that is vacuum sealer. They cost much less, they consume less space in your kitchen and it’s for home use not professional.

So hopefully this gives you an answer on your questions, should I vacuum package foot at home. My answer would be both yes and no. Yes if you are doing this professionally and not for home use and vice versa.

Vacuum packaging food at home comes with a lot of hazardous issues like:

  • Most spoilage organisms are no longer indicators for temperature abuse.
  • Also cooking destroys vegetative cells

Some things that you need to take care of when vacuum packaging, food at home are:

  • Always clean your hands before and after the process
  • Carefully store the food in fridge on the right temperature
  • Dry foods can be stored in other places that has normal room temperature
  • Never touch the food with your own hands before vacuum sealing it
  • Label properly and put a tag on the sealing bag so that you know when did you store it and sealed it
  • Make sure that all the air is out of the bag before you seal it, if there are air bubbles left, food lifetime will be lowered substantially.

These are just some of the things that you need to take care of when you are vacuum sealing and packaging food at home. Be very careful not to contaminate the food while doing it, this is not a rocket science but some measures need to be taken care of before you start vacuum sealing and storing food.


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