Two Easy Hacks for Vacuum-Sealing Bags without a Vacuum Sealer


If you are on a budget and you can’t set aside money to purchase a quality vacuum sealer. We have two easy hacks for vacuum-sealing bags without a vacuum sealer. Read below some tips and tricks how you can do it until you go out and purchase one for your family.

You are maybe thinking in your head. I want it but I do not need it. In my opinion vacuum sealer is a need to have appliance in your kitchen but if you can’t afford to purchase one that is another thing. We have some tips and tricks for you on how to seal your food without a vacuum sealer.

Tip #1

You will need two things for this one:

  • A simple straight straw
  • A plastic bag

What you want to do is to place a food that you want sealed in a regular plastic bag that you can purchase in any grocery store. After you placed a food inside, press with your hand as much as you can to squeeze the most air out. After that take a straw place it in the corner of the bag and start sucking the air out, twirl the bag around the straw while you are doing that. When you pulled all the air out quickly remove the straw and seal the bag. After you have done that, store the food in the fridge. This method is not as effective as vacuum sealer but for an emergency storing or if you are on a budget it can work. But after some time think about getting your own vacuum sealer.

Tip #2

Second tip on how to vacuum seal bags without vacuum sealer is not effective as the one with the straw but it still works. You will need following things:

  • A bowl of water
  • A plastic bag

Again take a small plastic bag that you purchased in a grocery store, place the food you want sealed inside and place the bag inside the bowl. Do not submerge the bag completely as you do not want your food to be wet but sealed. Submerge it enough just to leave the tip open, after the squeeze the bag a little and the pressure of the water will get most of the air out. While you are squeezing seal the bag in the same time. After you have completed the process, make sure to dry out the bag before storing it in refrigerator.

This last method is not effective as the first one but it still works. We strongly suggest that you get yourself a vacuum sealer. You can purchase the smallest versions for as little as $20 and it will still do a better job that a straw and a bag. If you are on a budget and can’t set aside $20 than continue using these methods above, your food will still be better stored like this than in a regular way like you did so far.

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