Vacuum Sealer Accessories


Food vacuum sealer, per se, can extend the shelf life of most foods. The reason for this is that it removes moisture and air from the plastic bag. As we all know, the air in the bag is used by bacteria to grow. Without it, harmful organisms won’t thrive. Thus, the food stored can last five times longer than if you store it using a traditional method.

What are Some of the Vacuum Sealer Accessories that You Should Consider

To make food sealing a lot easier, most units have vacuum sealer accessories. Although they’re just extras that might significantly increase the overall cost of the machine, they can sometimes be very helpful in making the entire process a lot faster.

What are Some of the Vacuum Sealer Accessories that You Should Consider?

Accessory Hose

This makes a vacuum sealer a versatile unit. It has revolutionized the entire process of food preservation. However, not all food sealers come with an accessory hose port. Thus, if you want a versatile sealer, opt for a model with a port where you can attach the hose.

The accessory hose may seem like an extra that doesn’t do anything. But it actually makes it a lot easier for you to preserve your own food, especially if you like to preserve food in a canister or a jar.

If you’re preserving larger items in a bag, they might not fit in the “mouth” of the sealer. With the use of the hose, you can seal any size of bag, be it large or small, plastic or not.

The hose doesn’t only remove air from a jar or a bag but it can also be used as a wine bottle stopper. Plus, it lets you quickly marinate any type of food items that are in a mason jar or a certain type of container. However, you need a food saver that has an integrated marinate mode.

Removable Drip Tray

Most food vacuum sealers have a drip tray. But not all have removable drip tray. With it, it catches extra liquid or spill from the bag making it a convenient way to clean the machine.

But don’t just choose a unit with removable drip tray. Make sure that the tray is dishwasher-safe. Most reliable brands have a tray that can resist corrosion and tarnish. This is great so you won’t have to worry about rust any time soon.

Whatever brand it is, a food vacuum sealer with this accessory is an ideal option.


Vacuum sealers usually seal plastic bags. But there are vacuum sealers that can suck out air from a container. This is especially beneficial if you like keeping your cheeses, deli meats and other refrigerated food items fresh longer.

However, make sure that the container is BPA-free and stain-resistant. You should also consider getting an odor-proof one so that it won’t cause nasty smell while in the fridge. Plus, it must be microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe.

You can also find a canister for quick marination. With this type of container, you can easily marinate meat, fish and other food items in minutes. Most of the time, marinating food can take up to 24 hours. If you don’t have the luxury of time to wait for a day to marinate your food, then you should opt for a food saver with a quick marinator mode. Then, purchase a canister that works with it.

Wide-Mouth Sealer

If you preserve food in wide-mouth mason jars, then this accessory can be of great help. It replaces a standard mason-type jar lids to make sure that there’s no more air in the jar, which can be a real enemy of freshness. This accessory is also useful when preserving liquids, dry goods, and fragile food items.

There are other vacuum sealer accessories that you can find on the market. However, you can’t use them all if your food vacuum sealer doesn’t have an accessory port. So, keep this in mind when purchasing the right vacuum sealer.

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